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Trademark Registration in Mumbai


Identity marks the existence of each and every component present across us, and just like we beings need an identity, the businesses necessitate an idiosyncratic element to differentiate their brand from the brand of their competitors and thus, for that purpose the use of a ‘Trademark’ comes into the picture, to pour out the distinctive details about a brand. It could be a recognizable emblem, expression, word, or even a representation that marks the specificity of a product and legally differentiates it from all the other products of its kind.


In Mumbai also, to prevent any malpractice and guard the ethnicity, ‘Trademarks’ are guarded by ‘The Trade Marks Act, 1999’, and to benefit from the advantages provided under the act, companies need to get ‘Trademark Registration’. 


The course of action whereby a trade mark is infiltrated on the register of the trade marks, it is referred to as registration and any person who claims to be the proprietor of a trade mark used or anticipated to be used by him, can apply for the registration of the trade mark, to the Trade Mark Registry, under whose jurisdiction, the principal place of the business falls.


Trademark Registration Process in Mumbai 


The trademark registration process in Mumbai, is done on a ‘First come, first get’ basis, in the office of the Controller General of Patents or Designs and Trade Marks, wherein the rights holder needs to apply for the registration of its marks before the interference of any other party. The registration takes about 2 to 3 years, subject to the trade mark not being opposed by a third party.


Following are the brief steps to be followed for a trademark registration process in Mumbai:


1.       Trademark Search -

It is prudent to make an inspection of the already registered trademarks, to ensure that registration is not denied in view of resemblance.


2.       Who May Apply for the Trade Mark?

A person claiming to be the owner of the trademark used or proposed to be used.

Importance of Trademark Registration in Mumbai


Following points cover the spectrums that would establish the need of a ‘Trademark Registration’ for a company:


1.       Establish your Brand to Stand Apart from Other Brands:
Trademark is exclusive and distinctive; helping is differentiation and identification of your brand or product, even in a chaotic market.


2.       A Trademark is Eternal:
Just like words written by a writer are immortal and lives even after the death of the writer, the trademark registered by any firm remnants with them forever.


3.       Safeguards Product’s Name:
If you have a registered trademark, you can quickly show your ownership of the product. Having a registered trademark also allows you to use all the products registered under your property. This proves that the product belongs to that particular brand and that you have the right to sell, modify or use the product in the way you want.


4.       Trademarks are Valuable:
As your business grows over time, the value of the trademarks gets scaled up automatically. So, if your business grows, your trademark also grows in value.


5.       Fabricates Trust:
Trust binds the relationship of customers and the company, resulting in a long-term relationship. A company possessing a trademark acquire the trust of the audience.


Further, as per your requirement and at Legalo, our company can help you protect your brand's reputation by our professional trademark registration services in Mumbai.


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