Legal Heir Certificate Mumbai, Maharashtra | Documents, Procedure

Legal Heir Certificate Mumbai 

A legal heir certificate aids verify an individual relationship with a deceased person. It helps legal heir to claim the corresponding insurance or pension, property documents, etc. 


How important is a Legal Heir certificate in Mumbai?


If the deceased person is a government servant, a legal heir certificate is needed to get the sanctioned pension or claim other benefits on compassionate grounds. It is also crucial for legally transferring things like electricity, telephone, gas connections, property patta documents, bank accounts, and house tax formalities to the heir. 


Who must apply for a Legal Heir Certificate?


The deceased immediate family members can apply for a Legal Heir certificate. The applicant needs to carry the death certificate of the person when he comes for the certification:


The immediate family members eligible to apply for the death certificate are:


·         Mother of the deceased

·         Wife /Husband of the deceased

·         Son /daughter of the deceased


Requisites of documents for making a legal heir certificate


The following documents need to be submitted along with the application.


·         Duly filled application form.

·         Any government identity card

·         Death certificate


What is the necessary information that needs to be disclosed while applying?


The following information about the deceased needs to be disclosed while applying for the legal heir certificate:


·         The official name of the deceased

·         Details of the family members

·         Signature of the applicant

·         Date of Application

·         Residential Address


Is the custodian of the Nominees eligible for Nomination?


A custodian of the nominee can guard the deceased's properties in a fiduciary capacity till the nominee becomes an adult. But the privilege enjoyed is limited. He is just a custodian and can hold the property only till the establishment of the legal heir as per the Succession Act.


What is the time required for processing the legal heir certificate in Mumbai?


After duly reading all reports and verifying them, the Tahasildar who issues the certificate. Generally, the issue time of the certificate is within 30 days from the date of application.


Procedure for obtaining the certificate:


The applicant needs to visit the tahsildar at the taluk office or Tahsildar or take the services of a lawyer from the District Civil Court. 


·         The tahsildar gives the application form that needs to be filled. 


·         All the required documents need to be attached and submitted with the form.


·         A stamp worth Rs.2 needs to be affixed on the form before submitting it to the authorized person at the Taluk office.


·         The Village Administrative Officer and Revenue Inspector verify the application. Then, the certificate is issued.

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