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GST Registration in Mumbai 


GST commonly known as Goods and Service tax now exists in our country since 2017. A tax GST Registration seems to be a complex procedure but it is not that difficult. Let's talk about some important points to be considered for GST registration in Mumbai.


Who Shall Be Liable for GST Registration in Mumbai?


Not everyone is liable for registration. The key question one must ask for being held liable for registration is:

·         The supply of Goods or Services or both required to be registered?

·         Whether the supply made by a person is taxable?

·         Whether his/her turnover exceeds 20 lakhs in a year and 10 lakhs in case of Special category states?


Once your answer to these questions is affirmative, we go on to the next important point that is How to register yourself for GST in Mumbai.




Any person who:

·         Making an Interstate Supply

·         A person who is a casual taxable person. Casual Taxable person is a person who occasionally does supply of either goods or services but has no fixed place of business.


These persons are compulsorily required to get registration under GST in Mumbai.


Documents Required for GST Registration in Mumbai 


These documents are required as a proof for identification verification. These can be:


·         PAN

·         Bank Account with IFSC details

·         Place of business

·         Electricity Bill

·         Aadhar Card

·         Mobile Number

·         Email


Procedure To Get Your GST Registered in Mumbai


·         After submitting the above listed documents, you fill Part A form GST REG01 which generates an Application Reference Number which is sent to your contact details.

·         The applicant uses ARN to submit Part B with documents so attached. The server automatically sends an electronic acknowledgment to the proper officer who in turn examines the documents and application within 3 days.

·         If the officer is satisfied, a registered certificate i.e., GST REG06 provides to the applicant, and if the officer is not satisfied, he seeks clarification from the applicant within 3 days and the applicant must submit satisfactory documents within 7 days.

·         If you have done the above steps carefully, you get a 15-digit GST Identification Number.



Get Yourself Physically Verified
In some cases, as deemed fit by the officer in charge of providing certificate of registration, may physically verify all the documents so submitted by the person. The person may be required to upload documents and photograph on the portal within 15 days of such verification.


GST Certificate in Mumbai


Once your registration form is completed and verified. GST certificate is issued in the form of GST REG 06, which shows your registration was successful. Now you have got registered on the GST portal and now you can pay your tax and file returns when required by the law.



GST is a tax which is destination based levied on supply of goods or services. Registration is important for a person as only after the registration one can file returns and most importantly get Input Tax Credit which means you get to reduce your liability of tax on output which you have already paid for that is the input tax.


Looking for GST Consultants in Mumbai?


At Legalo, we are having expert team of GST professionals and our company will help you with above steps and will easily get your GST Registration completed in Mumbai. Contact us here.


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