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You are making a huge mistake if you don't have a professional finance team. Here are 4 reasons why & how you can fix it.

One of the smaller yet consequential errors Businesses & Startups make when growing their organization is not having professional finance & compliance team. Here are 4 ways how they make a material difference.

1. Expertise across Verticals

Many organizations hire account executives at a junior level who have a skillset or experience in one or couple of areas at most. Financial Management & Compliance encompasses everything across P&L, MiS, Taxes, Regulatory Filings and more. An error here and there puts an entire organization in jeopardy.

2. Experience across Industries

Having Professionals who have worked across industries and an array of scenarios be it state regulations, logistics, warehousing, vendor management, payroll management & tens of such cases. Having quick & readymade solutions will save you a ton of time & money.

3. Money & Time

The organization could always beef up their team but the cost of getting a fully functional finance & compliance team is atleast a 5–7 member payroll.
And then there is the performance, manager, leadership team to ensure they do a good work. For a fraction of that cost, you could get maximum value.

4. Tailor-made solutions

Finding a compliance officer for a certain manpower budget who is an expert for a specific use case is not an easy task.

Let’s say you want an Accountant or a Compliance officer for a NBFC or a e-commerce startup or an export business; they aren’t readily available.

With a Professional or a Consultant, you can plug & play as per the scenario be it short term or long term and move ahead.


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