Court Marriage Registration

Court Marriage by the name itself says that it is a type of marriage where the bride and the bridegroom marry each other in the court. They are done in the court by signing a paper in the court to legalize their marriage. Court Marriage is the term which demonstrates the sanctioning of marriage.

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In India, each marriage must be legitimized. Court Marriage implies lawful approval of marriage between two individuals having a place with two distinct religions, as per the Special Marriage Act 1954. Indeed, even the individuals who have a place with the same religion may likewise pick court marriage. In this way, Court marriage implies getting hitched in court which makes that marriage legitimate.

A court marriage is away from the rituals and ceremonies that are performed in the marriage. The procedure of court marriage is performed by the Marriage Registrar and after the completion, the participants are given a court marriage certificate stating that their union is legal in the eyes of the law, and are now husband and wife.

How To Apply

To do court marriages, download the court marriage form online. They consist of a Notice of Marriage and Declaration of Bride and Bridegroom.

For a court marriage, a notification recorded as a hard copy must be given to the marriage official of that locale by the two gatherings (people) who expect to wed. The bridegroom or the bride to be ought to live in that locale in any event for 30 days before the date of marriage. The proof of age and residence is also provided.

Key Requirements

There are a few steps required to be followed for court marriages:

  1. Notice of Marriage: apply for it at the marriage registration office
  2. Publication of Notice – Officer publishes it at the office and the local office
  3. Objections to Marriage – Any objections to the marriage will be received within 30 days before the marriage takes place, according to the act in chapter II section 4.
  4. The signing of Declaration – Declaration by both bride and groom
  5. Place of Marriage – Place can be other or the one that belongs to the bride or the groom
  6. Certificate of Marriage – Certificate will be issued by the authorities after the marriage takes place

For the court marriage to legalize it, one requires:

  1. The bride and the groom must be present
  2. Three eye-witnesses are required
  3. 30 days of the notice period is required

The bride and the groom can marry each other only if:

  1. If the Bride and groom are not related to each other through blood
  2. Neither of them has a valid marriage constituting at present
  3. The groom is above 21 and the bride is above 18
  4. Both of them are willing to marry one another

The court marriage fees for application are Rs. 100 under the Hindu Marriage Act and Rs. 150 under the Special Marriage Act. Apart from the application fees, there are administrative fees and other charges exclusive of the forms that are taken into consideration.

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