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Profession Tax (PT) is a tax levied on the employment and Profession including professionals like chartered accountants, lawyers, and doctors, etc. Business owners, salaried individuals, merchants, freelancers, and people carrying out various occupations come under the purview of this tax by respective State Government in India. Professional Tax is to be computed on the gross income received by an individual. As such, you have to include bonuses, incentives, or other allowances paid to him during the period.

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We collect and verify the supporting documents & forms required for Professional Tax Registration


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Consequences for violation of Professional Tax Regulation.

Professional tax is mentioned in the payslips /Form 16 issued to them by the government officials.The actual amount of penalty or penal interest may depend on the respective State's legislation, as each state has its own rules and regulations regarding the calculation of professional tax. There are also penalties for not making the payment within the due date and also failing to file the return within the due date.

For example: In the state of Maharashtra, Rs 5 / day is imposed as a penalty for late registration, interest @ 1.25% per month of late payment, a penalty of 10% of the amount of the tax in case of delay / non-payment of the business tax, Rs 1000 - Rs 2000 penalty for delay in the production of the declaration.

How to apply?

Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax Registration is mandatory within 30 days of employing staff in a business or, in the case of professionals, 30 days from the start of the practice as provided in the income tax act provided. It the assessee has more than one place of work, then the application should be made separately to each authority concerning the place of work under the jurisdiction of that authority.

Key Requirements

Documents required for Online Professional Tax Registration

Here is a list of documents required to register for professional tax:

  1. Certificate of incorporation, including MOA & AOA / LLP agreement.
  2. PAN Card of the company / LLP certified by the director of the company.
  3. Proof of place of business with a NOC of the owner of the premises.
  4. Company bank account with a bank statement and canceled cheque.
  5. Passport-size photographs, address, and proof of identity of all directors.
  6. Resolution of the board of directors or in other words, declaration of consent of the partners.
  7. Shop and establishment certificate.
  8. Salary register and attendance register

How can Legalo help you?

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Key updates

However, As per Article 246 of the Constitution of India, only Parliament has the exclusive power to make laws concerning Union List which includes taxes on income. The state has the power to make laws only concerning the Concurrent and State list. The state government also has the power to make laws concerning professional tax as provided under Article 276 of the Indian Constitution which provides tax on professionals. The tax calculation and amount collected may vary from one state to another, but it has a maximum limit of INR 2500/- per year.

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