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The Registration Law relating to the documents that restrain in The Indian Registration Act, 1908. The registration of documents to ensure your conservation of evidence, prevention of fraud, and assurance of title. The steps involved in buying a property registration is the principal role in nature. The legal entities and the research paperwork can even be confused at the smartest of the home buyers.

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Section 17 of the Registration Act, 1908, describes that all transactions which involve the sale of immovable property for a value exceeding more than a hundred rupees should be registered. It means that all transactions for the sale of immovable property have to be registered. The property registration is an integral part of the home buying process.

The process of registration of documents is compulsory under Section 17 of The Registration Act, 1908. If the required documents are not registered, the law neither recognizes the unregistered owners nor provides them any right over the property.

How to apply

The following are the process which should complete for a property registration are as follows:

  1. Verifying for encumbrances at the office of sub-registrar of assurance.
  2. Arrange the final deed with the attorney.
  3. Payment of stamp duty.
  4. Final deed execution.
  5. Mutation of the deed.


The documents of a property which needs to be registered should submit at the office of the sub-registrar of assurances whose jurisdiction of the property is the subject matter of transfer is situated. The authorized signatory for you and the seller has to be present along with the two witnesses for registration of the documents.

The signatories should carry their proof of identity. The documents which accepted for the purpose include an aadhaar card, pan card, or any other evidence of identity which is issued by government authorities. The signatories should furnish the power of attorney that is represented by someone else. In case a company is a party to the agreement, the person representing the company should carry required documents like power of attorney, letter of authority along with a copy of the resolution of the board authorizing him to carry out the registration.

Before registering the document, the sub-registrar will re-verify whether adequate stamp duty paid for the property as per The Stamp Duty Act that is a ready reckoner. In case there is any deficit in the stamp duty, the registrar will refuse to register the documents.

Time and fees structure

The documents which have to be mandatorily registered should present within four months from the date of their execution along with their requisite fee. In case of the time limit which expires, an application produces to the sub-registrar for condonation of delay. Within the next four months, the registrar may or may not agree to register such documents on the payment of a fee that may be up to 10 times the original registration fee. The registration of a property document is 1 %, the value of the property that is subject to a maximum of rupees 30,000.

In the beginning, the documents presented for registration would be returning after six months. However, the process of computerization of the offices of the sub-registrar, the documents that bear the registration number proves the documents have been registered by the registrar and are scanned and returned on the same day.

Impact of non Registration

Failure of registration could put you at high risk. Any document which is required to be registered but not register cannot acquit as evidence in any Court of law. It is always pertinent to note that unless the name mentioned in the government records as the owner of a property proving the ownership may not be possible. For a reason, property registration is a mandatory condition for the buyer.

An unregistered property holds no legal validity as the owner runs the risk of losing the property even if he is in a position of the set property. In case the government has to acquire the property at any point to develop and infrastructure Project the holder would not be able to claim the compensation as is usually offered to land/property owners in such cases.

Online validity of Registration

In states like India, one can complete a large part of the property registration process through online services depending on the state where you reside. The online process is a 2 part finish registration process, however, if the final step is having to appear at the Sub Registrar office along with the seller and two witnesses to complete the transaction. Once the documents registered person needs to revisit the office to collect the register property documents.

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